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Trauma changes the brain.

Trauma changes the brain. As the saying goes, "time heals all wounds", this isn't the case with trauma. Trauma doesn't go away on its own and we must be proactive to use techniques to heal trauma. Severe trauma or chronic emotional trauma as associated with PTSD or CPTSD changes the amygdala, the part of the brain that governs fear, stress, flight or fight, e.t.c. These traumas cause the amygdala to enlarge. This enlargement leads to an overactive amygdala, which translates into an overactive fear and stress response. When this happens, we can get easily triggered at this point, and become afraid or stressed over things that don't make sense. The logical side of the brain ends up "malfunctioning" and doesn't communicate well with the rest of the brain....

The brain has evolved

The brain has evolved over the years to help us survive and keep us safe. When it experiences real or perceived threat, trauma, abuse or stress it will "trip a circuit" so to speak to avoid system overload to protect itself. The brain will move the trauma memory offline and store it in the unconscious. But these unconscious brain patterns stay in the background and run like your computers operating system influencing your responses to the world, your reactions, your decisions. If we can change some of these unconscious brain patterns we will consciously make healthier choices, break addictions, move past what is holding us back from operating at our optimal level. Most therapies involve the therapist bringing the client into a state where they are to remember the traumatic event in a safe space and reframe...