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NeurOptimal® for Veterans

Neurofeedback for Veterans

There is a deep appreciation and respect in our community for our service people. Unfortunately, even with much effort, not enough is done to help them with the challenges that they face in daily life. Many times when our military return home, they find themselves lost, depressed, anxious and suffering with PTSD. More times than not, they are placed on medications that leave them “zombified” or not much better off than without the meds. Some are simply having a difficult time managing and maneuvering through life. We are all for meds helping people, if they work. However, we hear time and again from these veterans that they feel terrible, hopeless, and desperate and want off the medications that aren’t providing relief from their symptoms. No one should have to feel this way and it profoundly saddens us.

NeurOptimal®  works at the root of the issue and can help those suffering regain their lives, confidence, peace of mind and resilience.  We have seen amazing transformations and we are dedicated to making it a priority to offer services to veterans in need and seek out opportunities to provide these services at reduced pricing. Sponsoring a veteran would be a selfless, effortless way for you to contribute to the cause and could possibly change a life forever.  They gave for us, now it’s time to give back to them.