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How does NeurOptimal® work?

How does it work?

During your NeurOptimal® neurofeedback session, you will have sensors placed, with conductive paste, one on each side of your head and clipped to each ear. These sensors measure the cortical electrical activity of your brain. You will recline in a chair while listening to music, and either close your eyes and relax, or watch a screen with interesting dancing shapes and patterns. Sessions are only 33 minutes and most people enjoy taking a brief cat nap. During the session, NeurOptimal® measures your brains cortical activity 256 times per second. When it detects a pattern specific to your brain that may need a shift, the music pauses very briefly to mirror back to your brain where it needs to adjust. The pause in the music is the feedback, and your brain decides whether to use this information or not. That’s it, very simple, yet effective.

Consciously, the pauses in the music have no meaning to us, but the brain mathematically understands the perfectly timed pauses in the music and translates them as a sort of “rumble strip”, showing the brain the correct and most efficient path to take, which requires no effort from you.

Two things will happen through Dynamical Neurofeedback. First, it allows the brain to release its “points of stuckness”, which everyone experiences. It drops away those  “same old, same old” patterns of feelings and behavior that are difficult to consciously let go of with our own efforts. Second, we have new found flexibility, enjoying an unlimited way of being in the world. What does this mean to you? It means that your brain will function more efficiently, work more quickly, drop blocks away, and consume less energy so it can be utilized elsewhere.

Who wouldn’t want their brain working more efficiently?

Can you imagine...

Can you imagine how you’d feel if you had improved sleep, extra energy, decreased stress, improved athletic performance, the ability to work through challenges more easily, and function at a higher level?

All of this and more can become a possibility.

See how NeurOptimal® neurofeedback can help you achieve your goals and improve your life.