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The brain has evolved

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The brain has evolved

The brain has evolved over the years to help us survive and keep us safe. When it experiences real or perceived threat, trauma, abuse or stress, the brain will “trip a circuit” so to speak to avoid system overload and protect itself. The brain will move the trauma memory offline and store it in the unconscious. But these unconscious brain patterns stay in the background and run like your computer’s operating system influencing your responses to the world, your reactions, your decisions.

If we can change some of these unconscious brain patterns we will consciously make healthier choices, break addictions, move past what is holding us back from operating at our optimal level.

Many therapies involve the therapist bringing the client into a state where they are to recall the traumatic event and re-frame the event to try to change the reaction to it, and change the physiological chemicals stored on the memories. But this process can be an uncomfortable one, which most clients do not want to re-experience. The beauty of Neuroptimal® Neurofeedback is that these intense traumatic memories stored in the unconscious do not need to be recalled, relived, or even discussed with the trainer, to be changed and have a positive affect on the clients “operating system” and how they will respond to their internal and external world.

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